keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2012

have to be thunder

In the air..I have this irritating headache, like a hoop around my head! I was having some trouble to drive at home, couse i didnt saw that road, safe right? ;)

Now i´m at home, and i just  finished my work in terrace. Please, bear with me just few photos more from there! I´m kind of proud, that i didnt kill those flowers.. :DD promise, that these are (almost) last pics from there.

I just love thunder. It is so huge power by mother nature! I usually go out, terrace, to watch that lightshow. Its so purifying. When it is really strong, i can scream: yes, gimme more! In Intia i saw so great thunder! It was such a show! And i was really the only one to stand outside, everybody else were inside, and that was wise.. But i wanted to see that.

That thing, what i told yesterday.. I really hope that it is over soon. It´s 99% ready, but before 100% i dont celebrate.. I have waited 2 years, long years, to this stubid moneyissue to finish. And i really dont understand, how money can chance people so much. It is sad.

What if someone has all the money, desing clothes eg.. That is not recipe for happyness. I have seen many rich people, saying that they are just not happy.. Something is still missing in their life.

Yep, before one knows, what´s really important, cant be truly happy..

This is going to be my summerparadise.. getaway for stress..

Still babys, there´s bambu and one is flowertree, suppouse to be huge later..

I think that i go and rest a bit now, but here´s some pics! Surprice! ;D My babys.. One chilitree is still missing, it´s coming after 2 weeks, i think..

Have a great day all

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  1. I am not rich and I am very, very happy... I always try to find the good in everything... sure we all have rough days but I work on over coming them.. by the way... I LOVE thunder storms. :)

  2. That's when you are rich :) you have so great attitude!! Here is coming one thunder right now, jipii! So, my place is terrace today ;)


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