maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2012

hatching out

I have felt the pain
I have seen the sadness
I have seen good people have died

I have felt the goodness
I have felt sweetness
I have saw good people grow

I have seen me
I have seen that growing
I have felt that good

What i do now
Its up to me
How i live
Its up to me

I dont close any doors
    While i open new
I´m gonna open many doors
And keep my past in my future
and in this moment

Dont think that i dont feel pain
I will
Dont think i dont feel happyness
I will

Main thing is i feel
That means i´m alive

And as long as I´m alive
I have every chance to
Every chance to go with a flow

                                        Or just stay
                                          Push some limites
                                   Forget what i´m not suppouse to do
                                  And do what ever i want

Lisää kuvateksti
                                    You see, that´s called choice

                                    That´s life
                                   That´s freedom

                   Have a great day all


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  1. Oh Maarit, you are right with this poetry, freedom is the best :)


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