tiistai 15. toukokuuta 2012

Good night world

I just wanted to say that. This has been hard day in menthally, i have thought so many things, remembering few years back, deal some difficult issues.. And now, seems like that one thing, what i have waited to finish (2years now) is finally ending!!! Have to say, that im sooo happy about that. And i think that my father can now rest in peace...finally.
Money is'nt so important than peace of mind. So tomorrow more, now to sleep.
And if this looks weard, i wrote this with mh phone.. Hope it looks ok.

So good night

Ps. That tee is from one herb, in Finnish its sitruunamelissa and its good for nerves.. I vave a big  bush it in my terrace ;D

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  1. Those emotional days are the hardest but we can grow so much from getting through :) Good night Maarit;)


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