perjantai 18. toukokuuta 2012

first impressions and sport

Yep, they say that first imression is the most important. And it could be. But is it, really? Of course you remember, if you see someone at the first time. Someone interesting, or disgusting. Or someone who just makes you feel something, makes you react in your mind.
And then there are those people, who just passes you, you dont remember face or nothing later.

But. Judging about first impression? Well, not fair, i think.
Lets say you meet someone, who has migraine. Like me. This is true story. I use to live in Helsinki, in this cool block, very nice hood. It was quiet and peaceful place, still near centrum. I was at home with my sis, she´s much younger than me, she was 14years. It was just before thunder came, i get usually migraine just before.
I knew, that there was new neighbor in next house, and my livingroom was against his bedroom.

He was dj, and that was cool. That day he forgot to put his headphones on, and he was mixing, volume was high. I knoced at wall, he didnt hear. I did that some time, and nothing. My head was ready to explode! I desided that i go and tell him nicely, that you forgot your headphones, can you put those on..

Well, there i went, with my sis. I rang the doorbell, and he opened door. Gosh, we was cute!!

When im near migraine, i dont talk so good. I have trouble to find words and i stammer. My friends know and understand me.
Now i really concentrated on having a good, rational sentence out of my mouth.

" I live in that other house, and I hear voices"

That was all i could say. He looked at me for a while and sayd: ok...good for you. That look was soooo full of thougs that i didnt want to know more. It was just too embarrassing.

My sis was so ashamed of me. I was too. We just took off. I didnt know should i cry or laugh. We laughed, so much.

After this he sort of avoided me. With his friends. I didnt get another try.
So, lets not judge at first impression!? :D

And sport!! Yes, i got back my spirit to run! Really, when i was younger, i did run a lot. Last years i sort of forgot it.
Yep, i have done zumba, which i love, walking and so on. But not running.
Today i ran with my wolfs in rain and that, i have to tell you, was awesome!!

It´s back, my passion for sports. It´s the best medicine for me. Hmm, maybe i just train well, and do new port folio! I do miss cameras.. there´s a goal for me!

Have a super great day all

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  1. I agree Maarit, we should not judge another on the first impressions... some people don't make great first impressions; it's always better to give people a second chance :)


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