lauantai 19. toukokuuta 2012

After Sauna thougs

These few days have been really confusinq. I have been up and down and up again.

Like a roller coaster. And Without reasonable reason. I've been crying, laughing. I have been angry, short temper, not fair.
I have been remembering, planning, doing so much things to tired up my body. And funniest thing is, that l dont know, what i have think or plan about!?

I have felt, like victim of something. Something emotional attach!

like today. Weather was so great, sun was shining. Everything soppouse to be ok. And I? I was down all day, like some martyr.

My dear partner in this grazy life had made me special sauna. I have to tell you, that every muscle i have was hurting.

So I went to sauna and just started to relax. I felt that heat come to my body. I almost fell in sleep.

Then l started to listen myself. I heard a little voice saying.. You are ready to move on. You are ready to take more steps for your future. Frustatet. Thats what i have been. Frustatet to myself.

My body and mind are hunger for New Challenge!
Now I understand that, and l belive that next days are gonna be easyer.

At least I hope so. And if not, I know what is that reason, What makes me feel the way I do.

So have a good night all

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  1. Awesome Maarit, I have been going through the same thing... it seems that great things are so close at hand and small insignificant things are trying to get in the way... I am not going to let them win.. I am going to progress, so can you:)

  2. Launna, you are so right! I just well, dont hate, but dont like that feeling. But in the end, its that thing that teaches us to appreciate those small things. And also helps us see, causes of our choices. Just sometime it could open eyes..
    Im gonna be little selfish here, and start to think myself more. Thank you for cheering me up! Lets progress my friend! :)

  3. It's very important to listen to your own body often: Most times the body is smarter than the mind.

    1. You are so right about that. I seem to forget that for time to time. What my body wanted to tell me long ago, my mind just now told me.


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