tiistai 24. huhtikuuta 2012

You can be that

Anything you want. I mean, only thing that is in you´re way is yourself. You can be free, you can be musician, politician or both!

Mostly we crow up  thinking that we are born to do this or that, i´m not wort something what i dream. Well, is it like that, really?

What is your biggest critic? You. You can say, that other people. But if you belive yourself, it dosent matter what other people think. You just have to belive yourself. That´s a start.

Imagine, if someone puts you behind bars, and you could be free still?? That´s what i call power of mind.. You dont give that power to no one, to control your mind, or thougs..or dreams. If you give that power to someone..you lose in that battle.

But power of dream?? Have you ever thought about that? And take it to action? Even some small part.. how good that feels. You dont worry, what someone things, you live your dream. Like you do in your mind. You see, in you´re dreams you can be anything, right? And you are happy. Why dont bring, even small part of your fantacy to your everyday life? It could be so small, your own secret.It´s freedom.

I know, you can think that it´s easy for me to say. But all of my life, and i think its gonna be for rest of my life, havent be what someone call normal. 

Not in good or bad. And i have heard so much  criticism. When i had bad panic, always somebody knew better. When i worked as a dancer. Someone said, that its not a real job. When i lost my closeone, one by one.. someone had always path, what was the onlyone, that can help me.

But then i started to trust me. What i do in MY life, is good for ME. Even now, i hear that this writing is sort of like hobby, when you are gonna do something real? That dosent affect to me anymore. Belive me, i worked hard not to take that all in me, but now i´m free from that.

My path of light.... (+garage&Vilma;D)

And one thing: Thank you all!!! I just love this blogging! I have this honor to get to know so many people from so many countrys!!! That is so awesome and one thing more to be happy about :)))))))))

Have a great day all,

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  1. Amazing blog and so true, we are the ones who have to believe in ourselves and hour dreams. Change that story that tell us that we are not worth it. We are, we are special. Thank you for blogging, I always enjoy reading your entries:)

    1. Thank you from bottom of my heart. Im so happy that you enjoy :)))indeed we are special!


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