tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012

thin line

Sitting and writing.. perfect way to spend this day! It´s a windy day, no sun anywhere. When i look out of the window, i can see spruce branches swaying in the wind. Another room is my two dogs sleeping, i can hear them breathing..ok, older is snoring ;D I have coffee more than enough, my spotify is ready to rock..like i said: perfect!

I have my own preparations before i start to write, like athlete warms before work out. I warm up me on focus and getting this certain state of mind. Then i´m getting deeper into my text, making most of it... It´s a great feeling, i can tell you that ;)

Before i start to write that book of mine, i wanted to write here.
I have been wondering  this one thing.
How thin is that line, when reality turns into something else. When truth turns to a lie. And how one sleepy wakes.

When you see, really see something in different light. When you see your self like newborn.
It´s a great gift to notice, that you can see, realistically AND without judge. It feels like freedom.

Well, theres many things to wonder, but under that same title: thin line.

That thin line is so thin, that when cross it, you dont notice it immediately.
I wonder, if someone is starting to tell a lie, one at firs, then another, then the whole reality changes..is it conscious, or is it like wakening, but just going to sleep? Is there that thin line also so thin, that one does not see, when he/she is crossing that line?
I mean, if it´s calculated, conscious..it´s more scary than that sleeping-part....

Why i´m wondering this, is that i´m sort of like witness, watching side of one life when one is changing his/her reality and life.. It´s not my place to say, if it´s worse or better. I cant say, couse it´s not my life and i cant say, how he/she feels.

But it´s a thin line...

That´s all for now. I´m into mood now, to write ;)

Have a great day all,

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