maanantai 30. huhtikuuta 2012

telling with photos

So, my doc said that i have to take a break from writing, even one day... Couse my hand is hurting little too much. But if i tell you my thougs with photos, i´m not writing, exactly.. I cant stay away from here!! :DD So, here is my day, using photos...

Didnt had so much to do in that time..

And i think that is not gonna be fashion any time soon :DD

Moment of sweetness

Here i go again.....


Sooo busy..

What a view!

And of course: love to live, live to life!!! ;)))

Have a great day,

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  1. Hahaha Maarit, that was awesome... you really made me smile, thank you:)

  2. Vastaukset
    1. That is so true!!! I havent even been in Fb...and that is guite much...:D


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