torstai 5. huhtikuuta 2012


Yes, that´s a great adjective to describe my feelings both yesterday and today.

I shortened my hair yesterday pretty much. I just was SO tired the way i looked.
I had thought about that for guite some time, but i didnt have courage to cut. And then I watced again one of Twililgt´s dvd, and i really loved those Alice´s hair!
I just took scissors and got started...OMG!!! I was like i was stuck in 1980, and had a bad hairday..

So, good way was ruin first little bit myself, so i had to go and fix my hair with pro... some courage? Well, all have their own ways, i guess..And now i´m so happy with my hair. So end is well, all is well.

But about that me being sentimental, it´s not fun anymore!
I cryed, when i watched Twilight, again. I cryed, when i saw that "my" birds didnt have food. I mean that birdhouse, and it was empty. Of course i put more, and on the groud was srill food, but.. i just cryed! Then i cryed, when i heard Scorpions on the radio..

Is my brains trying to tell me, that take a vacation.. OR am I waking up more...That could be. We´ll see it later. Hmm... dont wanna think it too much, time will tell!

I was planning to invite my friends over tonight. You know, good food, good company and good movie. I can imagine: we start to watch some movie, and i start to play niagara falls?? Maybe i go in the closet and watch from there.. woh..Not so easy to be me today :D snow!

sun.. <3

summer is near!!

so brisk??

These photos i took today, when i was walking near one lake.. and of course i took photo or two from my hair ;)

I think i need to put some make up and take better pictures later, from these pics my hair dosent show as good as they are...

And woh, there is a American Car show in this weekend, so it´s gonna be nice cars, high heels and rock´n roll!!!

Have a great day all,

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