perjantai 13. huhtikuuta 2012

Mother Nature makes me smile

It does :)
I´m sitting and writing in dinner room, in my left is window. I can hear so many different bird to sing, and i can see them flying in their bird house. From kitchen i can see that bird house, which was´nt easy to use ;). And there are so many birds, and so different!! Green, brown, one is almost blue..i mean, so many sizes and colors. And they eat all together, without fight. So cool!!!

I love every season in year. Spring is so wakening-time. When i go out i can find all the time something new, that is starting to grow. Coming bit by bit to look from the ground, looking is it warm enough to come all the way up...

Snow is melting away, and everything starts to look so green. I wonder, if there wasn´t all that snow, can we see that change so well?

That´s why i love every season, couse they all offer so much different, but beautiful things: In winter, it´s so pure, white..autumn is so colorful..spring, everything´s wakening...summer, do i need to tell? ;)

Here we come!!

View from terrace..peace..

Tough ones!!

:D <3

I trust you enough to follow you...

New borns..have to do something with those??

So tiny..and so cute..

:D My new pants...nothing to do with nature.

Now it´s a good time to enjoy vacuuming, couse it´s raining so much.. good music and and benefits of physical activity...

Have a great day all,

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