maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2012

mind flow

Do you know that exercise, what some writer´s practice? You write a certain time about something you choose, not going to censor or fix that text.. just write, no matter how fool or grazy it´s gonna be. It´s so liberating, and i have noticed, that humans mind is so wondeful.. I have done it guite some time, and it really helps me to descripe eg. weather or anything more intense.
And what i have talk with other´s.. we all have some grazyness inside ;)) When we write, OR talk, we consider what we say, or write..or think Letting go is so cool way to learn about you self also.. So, i´m gonna do that here. I will write some text, I dont do nothing to improve, i just let my mind to flow.. let´s see, what´s in my mind ;)

Love, 5 min practise:

Love, i dont know what to think of love. It is something, that i dont konw, have i felt at it most power, or am in one now. I mean, how you can say you´re in love? Is it that feeling, when youre stomach is full of butterflys? Is it that pink feeling? when you see someone, you wanna touch, kiss, make love at ones, is that it? Why it is, that with word love i think also words fraud, lie and suffering? Should thouse belong with love? I really dont know. I wanna feel that love what is in movies. That fairytail, that we see in tv. Movies. I think that i have some hard time to think that love is real. I wanna feel it, but how can i if i can trust. But love it self. I sounds so powerful, so beautiful, so pink. Like those who are in love, are in some another dimension. I wanna go to beach, walk with that special one, hold hands...look sunset, kiss. I wanna feel those hands in my skin, i need to look in his eyes. Funny, i do have some picture in my head, fantacy about that who´s in my movie with me, and i havent even met that guy??? So shoud i just keep on writing about that. Is that my imagination or dream? That has to be that, couse í´m ok now. But nobody cant stop me for fantacicsing. And cool, festivals are on theyr way, wanna go and listen great music live. How does that belong to the subject ? I dont know, but my flower´s need some water.. like i do.. so is that love. Well, almost 5 mins talking to myself, good that time goes. Why i thinks love as a pink? I thought that is suppose to be red? And why is that red, color of passion, but it can be also color of peace?? Blue or green??

Well, i dont read it now, sorry about spelling mistake.. I noticed that i did hold back more, when I compare those text´s, what i write by myself, in paper. That feeling was different. I think that subject, that i chose..was so intimate. But i think that you got the point anyway.
Maybe i just take my papers and write some more about that topic ;)))

That photo, which i took yesterday, is reflecting so well my mind!

Ok, see you later
Have a great day all,

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