lauantai 14. huhtikuuta 2012

just a thought about eyes

The most important thing, that i look in people.. 
And the first.

It´s amazing, how much you can tell about another, just by looking his/her eyes.
You can see, if there´s evil behind those eyes,
or something real sweet.

Looking thru someone..
Somethime´s it´s pure goose bumps all the way,
sometimes you can see dark cloud somewhere there.

To child, everything is new, so many things to wonder.
Those eyes are so full of curiosity.
That´s so sweet.

When we are growing, in our eyes see so much more.
Good and bad, both.

When you meet someone, that you just have some connection...

I love that feeling,
when i loose myself to somebodys eyes...

In my opinion sexiest part of human is eyes.
And revealing..

Looking thru of these eyes...

Have a great weekend,

ps. keep your eyes open ;)

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