torstai 19. huhtikuuta 2012

gears and cars, and me

I have a terrible neck pain, and i started to wonder where that came from. Then i started to think, what i have done lately.. Oh jeah, yesterday i drove car with gears.
You see, i have driven only with automatic cars a long, long time. First car was Chevrolet Lumina, then Chrysler Neon and now Chrysler Stratus. In Stratus is both auto and stick, but no clutch pedal. I just use those gears 1-4 when i want to speed up fast. That could happend sometimes ;))

So, yesteday my car was sort of work, it had a huge trailer behind full of firewood. I didnt want to cruise with that in town, and i saw that one car i available. Yes! Ford Fiesta, with gears. Ok, no worries, i have driven that kind of car in driving school, so i can do it now, right? Right. I sat on frontseat and..well, it was small. But cute!! Three pedal...first was..brake?? No no, clutch. Yes. Then brake and then gas. Ok. That stick is there. Now i have to start this. Lets see, do i have to use clutch when i, or brake..or both, yes.. well..if i just turn that key..  wohou!! Its alive!! No big deal. Then i just withdraw the car from garage. Again that clutch and gear R, gently release and push gas..Bum Bum and stop. Great, i have a kangaroo in my car? Ok, again, with more gas. STOOP!! Brake, what was brake!! Woh, now its good, i´m out. Then small uphill before i´m out of yard. First try, kangoroooo!!! SH...!!!! Hit that gas, i told my self, and belive me, i did! It flew away from yard! My neck started to tense in that point.

I got in bigger road, and started to wonder: what is that noise?? Its comin from engine?? Oh, hah, i have to chance gear to bigger. I knew that. Sort of smoothly. 
From here to town it´s about 10km open road, so that was ok.  Then i arrived to town. I had one parkingplace in my mind, which was easy. In front of our bank. It´s big and not too crowded.

When i was getting closer, i started to wonder, what to do, when i want to stop with style, or just safe? Do i have to change gear to smaller, or just cruise with 4 and then stop?? And that turn is too close, i dont know!! Well i took that turn and keps that gear... i was lucky, it passed out right in parking lot. With small kangoroo. Woh! I made it, im in town. Belive me, i really walked from shop to shop. And tryed to  stretch my home going.

Well, i hade to go home, so i went to that CUTE car, and started to talk: I will wash you, if we made it home...Ok, Maarit. focus, you can do this. Gear etc. Ok, i´m out of parking lot. Now just little bit straigt, one turn and i´m on my way home. Again, gear to 1 and...kangoroo, kangoroo and stop. Of course there was this young mans smiling and thinkin probably, that i just got my license. Again all, and off i went. Not with style but i was on my way to home! I hopes and prayed, that i dont need to stop before home..

I didnt, and that CUTE car is in middle of yard... :D Well, i´m gonna do that again today, i want to learn to drive with gears again... It was..well..sort of fun. At least when i think it now..

Did i mention, it is soo cute car ;D

My new morningcoffee buddy

Love this view in morning...

Dont mind about my misspellings, my neck is doing something to my eyes.. ;)

Have a great day,

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