sunnuntai 1. huhtikuuta 2012

burning my sofa- day

Today was nice spring day.. little snow, but.. ;)
I have this grazy inspiration to start my gardening!! Really! I wanna dig, fertilize, plant everywhere something!

I ordered so cool things in my terrace, and it´s snowing.. woh.. have to wait..

One thing is little bit annoying me. Someone asked me "are you citygirl or hick?" Couse i´m from Helsinki, and after all it´s NOT so big.. and now i live in country. So, which i am.. really?? I answered, well, i´m Finnish!

I mean, what does it matter, what´s my addres? Does it make me somehow so different?Compartmentalization...Not good in my book.

Ok, time to say something positive: Life is good!

I burn my old sofa today, kind of spring cleaning. Wow, it was cool campfire!! I had enough with that sofa, my cat..well, let´s just say ruined the way, that no sofa should face. RIP. And thanks for those many years, under me.

..and after.

Here is something from my home.. Those stairs are from granary, from upstairs.. I love that place, i can escape there, when i write, or just wanna be by myself, even the dogs stay away ;)
And here is little from kind of front. Garage and carport. Behind this, lookin backward, like ...? anyway is the house. Thats my path. I have took many picks from there in winter. Symbolic meaning for me.

Now i think i take some coffee, and start to wonder why.
What, i dont know, i just need to use my brains ;D

Have a great day all,

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