perjantai 6. huhtikuuta 2012

age crisis

I have heard saying: That was then, this is now. That goes also to my yesterday. Was so emotional day, but not in a bad way! No, i realize, that i do see some things  little differently, and that, my friends, is good.

I dont like to be jelous to others, if they are doing something fun or having something new. But, i´m only human. And i did´nt even realize that before i went thru those feelings.

One girl, who i know, is in Austlalia having time of her life, and i started to think that why the he....l i´m not in anywhere?? I was really starting to feel old! Ok, that´s my first..well, age crisis..ever.

Things change in some way, when we get older. And by that i DONT mean, that we have to act or do some things so differently. Start to be these "old" people, and that´s just one word. It dosent define what is old people, dosent it? Age is numbers, old is word, rest is inside of our head.

So, i started to think, that i am in somewhere, right now! Do I really need to be abroad all the time? I am in good place, and its not me being old, or boring. I can enjoy some peace, home. I can enjoy to be me.

This was not easy to admit, belive me. I did´nt realize that before i started to think. I have travelled a lot, and i´m gonna travel, but i dont need to live in the airport anymore. That was when i had a different life situation. When i was, yes, younger.

Woh, now i have said that. And i promised to be honest in my blog, couse it really helps me in my writing. Is that always easy? No, but worth it.

Happy Easter and enjoy your Mämmi!!! :))))


Mämmi is undoubtedly the most unusual and unique of the traditional Easter dishes in Finland. It is a deep-brown, almost black-coloured porridge-like dish with a thick, velvety-smooth consistency.

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