maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2012

about love

About love..
I read my text, and i have to be honest: I don´t think like that. Not like that. I was trying too much. Well, next time i write about chair, easyer ;)

But about love.. It´s more than that word. That word itself gives some you some illusion about word: love. It gives you some guideline, some pictures in youre mind., what it supposed to be. Thru movies, ads eg. Dont get me wrong, i love good love movies, and i am romantic! I just think that love is more than word. It´s non-verbal, international, crossing borders. It dont need to lie, it dont need to explanation, it is  just pure.

You can feel it with touch, see it in smile, experience by looking deep in eyes.
You dont have to worry about does it exist. You know it, when you are apart from each other. You miss that other, still you can feel good about our life, without feeling bad that you are away. You are free with true love. It dont hold you with chains. It dont judge you. It´s all about those small things. You dont need to prove it all the time. You simply feel it.

That, my friend, I think is love...

Have a good night all,
I´m off to watch one great horrowmovie ;)

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