keskiviikko 28. maaliskuuta 2012

the truth is out there

It´s raining outside, im sitting in my soffa and relaxing.. And thinking,,someone lied to me pretty bad, and i dont feel ungry!? I´m not, I´m disappointed.

It´s just some thing, that happend and i´m thinking, what does he achieve with that.. Well, something i hope. So that good story dosent go waste ;)

About lying, is it allowable under any circumstances? Even that  white lie?
Well, for me.. that white lie is allowed, eg if i´m so tired, stressed and i ask is my hair ok? Even it´s not, its much better to say for me: it´s ok. Like that i get one of my topic of stress away. Of course i´m gonna see in the mirrow, that it was a lie, but before that i´m happy, and i dont think that so much. So that´s for me is ok.

More serious stuff .. it´s not ok. But i belive, that you will find front of you what you leave behind, so for me, it´s not end of my world. It´s that other persons problem ;)

But now i go to make some delicious evening snack and read more Anthony de Mello
So, have a great evening
Me and my mom.. :)

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