keskiviikko 21. maaliskuuta 2012

take a stand

Sun, road & ZZ top.. That´s the name of the game. It was so great day today.
I was walking with my dogs, enjoying the sun. And even my migraine was better. That mud, what comes when snow is melting.. it was fun! My dogs were so dirty, but thats normal and i didnt mind.

Then i got a chance to fix one thing, finally! After 2,5 years i could order a proper tombstone to my father. That´s good. But.. yep, there´s that but.

Why on earth.. Some one wants to control you. Wants to treat you like a child. Wants to be better. And by that i mean, if you discuss about something with some one, WHY is it, that then that other has some power to say you how to handle something?? NO!!

I have my own way, own will and own brain. Even it´s some one you care much, enough is enough.

That´s what i have learn in my life. And that´s how i keep on going.

I started to think, is that kind of behavior really caring or just wanting to take control. I dont know. And maube i dont even want to konw.

I dont want to feel hurt, so im i´m gonna let that go, and go on with my life. Couse after all, it is mine.

And with that Decision i also take responsibility.

But my migraine came back.
Best thing to do is take a break.

That´s my passion, open road, my car and good music.
It really dosent matter, where that road is taking me, main thing is that I´m on it and going forward.

I dont know, what´s gonna happend tomorrow, i will see it then. I do have some plans, i will see how i can make few things to come true.

I will tell about those later...

Life is a great journey, only you can make it right for you. If you feel that this is not for me, chance your course.

Then you will see, that it was only way to treat youself.
And most of all: dont let anybody tell you what to do, or how to do something, unless you want to.
Trust youself and take a stand!!!
You´re worth it.

Good night to all,

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