torstai 1. maaliskuuta 2012

shop shop shopping!

Yes, today was that day.

I´m so happy, what i bought! I dont belive, that shopping is so relaxing. Really. You try so many clothes, get sweaty and tired. But when you find those your  things, it´s like ecstasy. All hard work, tiredness is gone! Just, what happend to me.  And good coffee after that. Sweet feeling..

All together

With heels..

And without.
 I apologize about poor picture, i was in hurry... hope you get the idea of those dresses..

I love 60th and 70th feminine style. For me it is something, that emphasized womanhood. These are so good to mix and mach with so many things,e.g. jeans,gardigan and so on.

Rockstyle, i love 80th :D I think it comes, becouse i was teenager then and it was all about rock.

Now i have to hurry, just wanted to share these.

Have a nice day all,

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