perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2012

Not a prisoner of my mind

I hear so often these words: its in my genes! No matter is it good or bad. "In my home we did this like that, so i do also".
Is it like that??  I mean, if we have some characteristic... let´s say we lie a lot. Can we hide behind that DNA, what we share with our family??
Or if someone is violent, we say it´s ok, his/her father was also. Is it that simple?
Can we change the way we think? I think that it´s more like hiding behind that, and gives a good alibi not try to change.

Of course we get some genes when we are born, it´s up to us how we use those gifts. Or burdens.
It´s too easy just give up, and not to see around you. Not gonna notice, if you hurt someone, or dont wanna see. There´s a big difference!!

I got some good and bad things with me when i was born, from both of my partents. Still, what i use... make´s me me.

And of course, actually the most important thing, is what i learn from around me, am i questioning some old habits, do I use my brain.
Opening my mind, and seeing that bigger picture.

If i make mistakes (and i do) i cant plame no one else but me. I make choices, decisions of my own life every day. When i screwe up, would it be easy to just say: it´s not my fault, it´s my DNA!

I love to look things up from different point of view. It´s giving me so much new, and every time i feel like wow.. Seeing things as you, not behind some robe is more richer, and it´s free!!! :)

  Doing thins my way is responsible, but it also sets me free...

I wanted to write longer, but my hand is saying no, so ....

Have a great day all,

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