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My trip from Bangladesh to New Delhi...

I was in Bangladesh year something for 2 weeks, and i have to say, it was so nice place!! I have always travelled by my own, not normal tourist routes, so i did this trip like that also. I hade a resevation in motel, not some fancy hotel.

I were treated like a gueen. There was´nt any other Europians, later came one man, who was reporter from England.

Becouse i was almost only Europian, and woman, people were very interested our culture and me. Some of those people there had not seen People from Europe before.

This motel manager was so sweet, he offered every evening tea and sweats with him. We sat this lobby of motel, and really, i was gueen!

And those peole... everyone were so kind, curious and polite. They laugh at me, when i showed how we make coffee in Finland. They though that we are grazy!!! It was so strong, they told me :)

I have to say, that i saw so much in there. I saw powerty, but not sorrow. I saw smiling people, i saw happiness. Of course, like in every coutry, there is poverty AND sadness, but just have to say that attitude was so great...i could write more, but back to my trip.

So, i packed my things and headed for airport. It was  British Airways plane. I sat on my place in plane i was suppouse to take one relaxing pill, couse my panic. But.. i took sleeping pill!!! OMG! It was 2h flight to New Delhi, where i was suppouse to change plane again and head to Russia and from there to Finland.

a beautiful place with beautiful people..

I remember, when someone try to wake me. She was air hostess. I was sleeping SO tight, that she was concerned, what´s wrong with me! I saw that plane was empty, i i realize that i took wrong pill.. SH::::T!! I was like zombie. Somehow i came out from that plane, and faltered thrue one terminal That same air hostess asked, if there´s someone, who can look after me and see that i mahe that flight. I had my paggage with me, and one man took care of those, i had so much to do with my walk. I bet they thought that i was under some druck.

Well, manager of that field (it was´nt so big) brought me some coffee, but i just fall in sleep in that chair. I slept 7h in that same chair, and when i woke up, my first thought was: i missed my flight!! Then i saw, that i wasnt alone. There were lot of people. and one came to me, asking are you ok? Well, i just slept 7h, so yes...

Then i saw these armyman. WTF? That flight was late like 7h, (good for me) and army is there.. with machine guns. Woh... We walked by those mans, there were real tough! And that security check was so intesce. I was kind of grateful, that i took that pill by mistake, couse i was more relaxt in that time than others.

Well, however they let us go that plane and off we went. After long flight thru Russia i came home, and my father said, that there was a bombthreat in that plain... thankfully i didnt know that before...

But, it was a good trip, and they took very good care of me, i was so ashamed, but everybody was just so understanding, so big thanks to them! :)

And I leaned to to check carefully the package, that i useing...

Have a great day,


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