maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2012

life is good

Just came home from Salo. It´s a small town in Finland. It is spring!!! Really!! In Salo is this small river, which leads to sea. I was tooking few photos, and people were actually smiling!

I went to Sokos also, i just have to had green nail polish..Now that was important to know, right? ;)

I started also ne book, Wayne . Dyer- Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Habits. Hmm, by starting i mean i borrowed it, and opened first page. Been too busy to really read it, tonight i´m gonna read. 

I have been thinking, and also seen that life is good. I enjoy to be me right now, and greatest change is me and my way to think.
I accept me like I am, I dont try to change me all the time. I accept world around me, like it is. I´m happy, what i have. I´m not trying live in tomorrow, or in yesterday. 
Understanding that was huge relief. It´s like when you drive a car, you notice things around you more, you are awake.
It is a great feeling, when you notice that no one cant hurt you in any way. You just let i go..

I remenber those times, when i did´nt have food, money, nothing. And i´m grateful for those times. It was´nt easy, I was all alone.
Now i´m so much stronger in life. And i can appreciate so many things, small, and be happy about those.
Green :)

Well well, enough about that today.

I need some candy, and guess, did i bought when i was in grocery? Yep, no. I bought so much healthy stuff.. and now.. woh, need sugar!!! I made a goal, that i will look good in one old dress. It´s a "bit" smaller, i dont know what happend that ;D But in summer i´m gonna fit in that.

Ok, one million thing to do, and i´m still sitting here...Have to go,
have a nice day all

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