torstai 8. maaliskuuta 2012

just happy

What a great day! I went to hairdresser when i woke, sun is shining, i am smiling.. Nothing is actually happend, i just feel great! Is it that sun doing it´s magic..

Well, i´m gonna enjoy it anyway:) Sometime´s, when i have felt good, i started to worry when it´s gonna stop? What´s gonna happend next, something bad? Couse i cant just be happy, after good feeling comes always bad..And then i lost that happyness. It´s same when i say after rain comes always sun.

Not gonna do that anymore, what will come, it comes. It´s the law af life, and only right thing now is enjoy.

I took my dogs out and playd with them, now i´m gonna do some good food and then.. who knows. I think of something ;)

I took few pics yesterday (ok, i think i was born with camera with my hands) I´m gonna share couple with you, hope you like thise!

That´s my new friend....he/she is in every morning under my window, and dont really care what i do :D prave fellow!!

Have a great day all,

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  1. you are so right!!! Life is beautiful and enjoyable no matter what. We miss everyday things, afraid of losing them and let those thoughts spoil our day. What happens, it happens whether we worry or not, let just concentrate on things we can control and have an impact on.
    All we can do , is hope everythinbg will turn out the way we want and let things have their way..Cheers

  2. Yes really, we need very little to be happy.Be consistent i would really love to visit again.

    1. Thank you for your comment, it is so true. :) Happyness inside of you, not in things we own.. surely would be nice, if you visit again!


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