lauantai 10. maaliskuuta 2012

thoughts about life

Interisting thought...four steps to wisdom by Anthony de Mello. I have to say that, when i read this book it makes me realize something..not new but something about me, my methods. Makes me think! That´s good from a book. 

About negative feelins. Have you ever thought, that you could have  those and you dont even know it. But it  influence in your life. I studied myself, and yes! There were those feelings, hiding. Those affected my behavior in some things.

I started to think, why i feel like that, where have those thougs come?
I mean,  I didnt think myself.  It was something, i have learn when i was young. And i havent questioned it never. Most of all, i act by that thought.

Point is, for me I mean, think yourself. It is a good point. Of course there is so much more, what he writes and different thougs, but this was something i needed in my life. My reaction about things. Like if you go for picnic and starts to rain. Who has those negative feelings, you or rain... ;)

Some peoples want to change  all the time something. Wife, home, friend.. saying, that they are problem for you. They make you feel bad. Is it like that, really? What if you can change somebody, does that make you feel good, better? I dont think so...

Looking inside of you is so good place to start feeling better.

My father sayd wisely: Its better that that some worse.
e.g something was broken, he ment that it could be worse, still.

And my mother sayd to so many times, when i wanted something and whine. I use word IF a lot. Like IF we had this and that, IF then, IF we go.. My mom: If
cows can fly, they were birds... Yep, then i hated that :D But it is true.

Better live here and now, try to make the best what we have. I could be so much, afterall...

BUT i want!!!! :DDDD

I truly want ;) Well, i can dream, can I... And i will. That photo is taken from American car show, just love those fast cars making lot of noice....

Ok, time to eat. Have a great day all


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