tiistai 13. maaliskuuta 2012

general attitudes

Oh well, spring is coming, and clothes are decreaseing... And that talk what one can wear is starting. If you are 20 years, you can wear what ever you want, 30years is when you have to slow down. At 40 you MUST be classic, adult. 50? Please, behave!!! 

This is too bad, but so general line, when we talk about what to wear. It´s sad! And some tv shows are backing up this line. How can a number determine what to wear?? I think that it´s more situation, that determine that... 

If you are 50years, and you want to wear e.g. leather pants, why cant you? Couse society says so? No. Then society has too much power. Hell, just jump is those pants ;)

Of course i realize, that sometimes is necessary to wear different clothes in different events, that ´called a good taste. But generally, i think that people has freedom to wear what they want!

And why i talk about this is, i overheard two ladies talking, and they wanted to buy these very cool skirts, but then: what others will think.. im too old for this. And those were not so bold or anything, pretty normal skirts. Ladys were about my age, 40.

Im too old.. aargh, that´s something i cant stand to hear. Just be youself and enjoy!!!

So, have a great day all

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