maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2012

every day is a new day

Every day is indeed new, and when you realize that, it´s a great gift. I mean, how often you really understand or give a thought about that?

So often we just wake, do our morning routines and live in next day. "Tomorrow it´s easyer, tomorrow i´m gonna be better and so on"
But how about that day, where you wake up? That day is here and now, you can look in the mirrow in the morning, hi there! Nice to see you, what you gonna do today? Big guestion. What i´m gonna do today... ok, there are some routines, maybe children and familys, work.. but how you gonna face this day?

And by that i mean that inner attitude. Are you ready to take all new, different things in your mind or gonna ignore and just let this day be... thinking, that there´s always tomorrow. Then i´m gonna treat myself good, then i´m gonna be more happier.
But if there´s not tomorrow? Then your last day is here is full of sadness, tiredness and stress.
You didnt saw anything good or beautyfull in this world.

I dont mean that we should just run around and hug everyone that we see, ignore our responsibility, no no no! Just see something dosent take that much...

It´s a huge power to realize, what we can do inside our head. e.g we can decide if we like something/someone or not. Why dont we decide that we like this day, what ever happends.. we like we.

Hope you got my point ;)
Have a great day


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