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I heard a little while ago, that our family from my fathers side is from Germany! So interesting. If i ever have a change, i will go to Germany and try to find our roots.. We had different last name, and then it translate to Uittamo, when first of our family came here.. hmmm, who is my ancestry from German..

Then something else: bullies. That´s something, i dont undestand. Really.
In schools, workplaces, hobbies.. there is always one, who´s bullying someone. NO!

I mean, what  makes one so special, that he/she has right to ruin somebodys life!? Of course, there could be something bigger behind that, like bad situation in home e.g, but mostly.
One wanna be tough gathers a gang and wannabe start to bullying.

That´s cruel. I read this Finnish girl, 12years old and she committed suicide couse she was so tired. 12years!

Her father wanted one writer to publish her diary. It´s in internet. I read a bit that, and i have to say, i cryed.
It was so heavy to read. Im sort of out of words...
How can someone be so stubid. They are so young, someone says. Not good enough reason.
If someone is old enough to bully he/she is old enough to take responsibility. Teachers? They knew, but did´nt do nothing. They supposed to be rolemodels and have some authority. If not, then find some help in that situation.

Today it´s more worse, couse internet. eg facebook. One can take a pic and put that in FB. What happens then is everybody can spread that photo... this one soul is alone after that. Anyone dare´s to that girl/boys friend, couse then they start to bully that poor soul.

What a mess..

One thing i´m proud of is when i was young,  i was helping those who were harassed. I did have my reputation, and my friends was´nt exactly choir boys, so it was easyer to help. No one did´nt touch me.

Difference between wannabe and being tough is, when you are really tough, you dont need to raise your self-esteem by bullying....

Woh, as you can see, this is one of those subject to me, what is important...Too many is suffering by being a victim of buller...
Let´s take care of smaller...(that´s Veera)

Have a great day all

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