tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012

birdhouse, not easy to use

Yep. not so easy. I have one birdhouse in the tree, high and in a good place. I saw, that is´s almost empty, so let´s put more oats in there!!
Have you seen those ads, where some lady is smiling and everything is lookin so simple? Well, i have. So i thought, that i grab in a smooth touch that branchs and fill that house, and that´s it. I was still wearing my pyjama.

I took our big bucket full of oat, and went under that tree. I eaven had a good string with me, so i can pull that branchs down. I was so ready to give those little birds some food, yipii!!

I throw that string over branchs, and started to pull. Damn, it´s tough! Well, i pull and pull, then i jump to take tip of that branchs so it´s easyer to pull it down.
There i stand, another hand i have branchs, another.. well i suppouse to take that house down and put oat in it. Problem, not enough hands.
Now i realize, why we put it together with my friend.

Well, those birds want their food, and i´m gonna give it. I take house down in the ground, and release branch. I fill it up and.. ok, branch is up again. I took string and pull, and again i jump to take that tip of branchs down. Hmm.. then.. well, i have to.. take that house and put that hat on it, and try to put that wire on it´s place.
It´s that kind of tuning, that other side is off,  you just smoothly put it over the branch and push it in side of house, there is a small hole. Sounds easy, right?
Right.. I hung up in that fu....n branch and with other hand i tryed to push wire in its place. Sh.....t!! Other side just went away!! Ok, no problem. I can do this with one hand.
I support that house with my chin, and work with my other hand.. And then.. i drops. All that oat, that i put is on the ground. I
 think there´s gonna grow our own field in summer.
And i do this over and over again 10 times atleast. At the end i really was ready to throw away that fu.....n birdhouse. And those birds.. they were laughing at me!! In that same tree! Woh....

It´s there now, lower. And not that pretty. I have wounds. My face is full of mud. I came inside and i think that it´s wise, that i wait some help. For me and those birds.

So, have a nice day all

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