maanantai 5. maaliskuuta 2012

about love

Or maybe more like about that feeling. I have been thinking about that. What does that mean?
It´s a big word, but what does it mean. It make you feel good, euphorically. It´s chemical. It makes you do things, that you dont normally do.

What does one need, when she/he is in love? Being together? All the time? Rings? Flowers? Or just simple, some small acts of you´re car.

One Great Artist, Sting, made a great song: if you love somebody, set them free.
That is so true. If love is like you have to be together all the time, it needs that ring (and i have to say here, that of course i love that ring-thing, but if its becouse then you own someone.. then its not good)

If it is like other have to prove her/his love all the time..
No. I think that´s more fear of losing, and you try keep more tightly he/she in you´re grip.

I belive more in that, that you can go, do you´re things, travel, hang on with you´re friends knowing, that other is there for you. He/she dont disappear from you´re life, if you are not all the time together.

I try to find that word to descripe what i mean.. Trust. You can trust that warm feeling, you know that it stays even you dont do any tricks. Just be and enjoy. That is, in my opinion, love.

Mystery road??

Here is some pics from my new friends.. so cute!! :)))

If you look closely, there is also one bird in left...

Rainy night and we worked all day
We both got jobs 'cause there's bills to pay
We got something they can't take away
Our love, our lives

Close the door, leave the cold outside
I don't need nothing when I'm by your side
We got something that'll never die
Our dreams, our pride
-Smart words by Jon Bon Jovi-

Have a great day all,

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  1. Set your love free, if she comes back, it is your to keep, f not, it was nor meant to be..;)


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