sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2012

snowmobile, me & uups

Absolutely perfect day to go have some fun with snowmobile! Or so I though. Sun was shining, snow looked so great, not too cold... Yes, let´s go!

I started slowly, just enjoying that feeling, that i was riding with my sled abowe that snow, wich is 1m deep. Kind of grazy feeling! I turn that gas more and let it go, jihaaaa!!! It was so much fun, i can tell you that! Wind in my cheeks, fresh air..

So far so good..

That.. "road"....

Then i saw that small forest-"road". Oh well, i go there! At first it was ok, scenery was so great. I just enjoy. Then that "road" got little more busher.. more small trees.. wow. Well, more speed and here i go!!!

I drived little furter, and then... it just stopped. That sled did´nt move. And it was kind of deep from backside. And front. Omg. I´m here, middle of woods, no one is near, and that snowmobile just make a big sound, but nothing else. *Censored words* . I pulled, pushed, kicked snow away... it weighs about 200kg. Nice, good work, Maarit.

Long story short, i got it out of there and drove home afters sweaty 1h. And i do not go out today. I dont want to see any snow. :D Did i learn from this? probably not, but i hope so....

Well, have nice day all, and stay warm ;)

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