perjantai 10. helmikuuta 2012

pretty woman-effect

I was driving around today, and thinking that I go for a walk. It´s kind of cold here (-26c) (-78,8F) so of course i put my clothing according to that. Winter trousers, like armystyle, snowcamo, huge winter coat, this winter hat with huge tuft, mittens and winter shoes. I looked more like yeti, but it is still cold!
Then i rememered, that i am out of many skincare product. Ok, there is this Sokos near me (It´s pretty good, not so cheap store) I go there. I walked in, and started to look around. I usually use few good, more expensive product, couse those last longer and are better for my skin.

Still looking like yeti i wandered around, and there was these sharp looking people looking at me... What on earth is THAT doing here.. I did´nt mind, I continued to watch and waiting service. I waited pretty long, and then i went over to the seller. She looked me and asked: yyeess??? Well,  i need this and that, could you help me? This is new store for me. Seller: "Discounts are over there."
My treasures ;D

I did´nt belive, what i was hearing! Really. She judged me according what i wore. And i hate that! I dont judge myself, i dont like that. And i dont accept that either.

I wanted new seller and told her, what i needed. That was´nt small bill, what i paid. So, for the store i was a good customer. That  first seller came to me after that, trying to be so smooth, did´nt help.. Woh!!!

I just dont understand that kind on condemnation by how you look, or what you wear. Sadly it´s something, that will see too often. Bullying, if you are somehow different, you have your own style and you dont want to be part of mass. So sad.

Why we just can be what we want, wear what we want and let others do that also.

It´s not what you wear, it´s how you treat others that matters...

With that though,
have a good day all,
Maarit, the yeti ;D

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