torstai 23. helmikuuta 2012

open up my mind

I love that feeling, when i realize something new, learn, can open my mind. I can´t explain it, but i try.
It´s like falling in love. Everything seem so much brigter, warmer. I pay attention those smaller things, like in nature: birds. Grazy, but true.
They are there, singing every day, but mostly they are so obvious, that i dont even think about it. When i realize something new, their singing is louder, and i stop to listen..

rainy and sunny road, like life 

Human mind is so great, full of opportunities, if you let you self to open up for those new winds to come in.
World is full of great places to see, so much history and also future. Best time is right now.

I´m not great thinker, i´m more like eternal student. That is the very fuel to keep going on, that passion that make´s me want to learn more about life. 
And that serves that i can learn more about me, and also try to be better for others.

I dont have that skill to be here and now all the time. My mind wornders so often to my dream places.
And i love to escape movies! Like fast and furious,  vampire-movies with good werewolfs;) And I love good, hard rock! Love to dance, travel, spend my time to make my hair, wonder about fashion, drive fast.. and think.
So, i´m kind of balancing to being wild and thinker. I love to both, but that just me.
Like i sayd, student, license to make mistakes in life. I dont belive that there´s no one, who is ready from college of life..

I borrowed from the library two books today: Wisdom of Indians,-words like traces, and Anthony de Mello,-awakening. ( Translated by me, sorry about that, not perfect)

Great thougs ahead, i belive. But first i´m gonna have some fun in snow with my car, and drink  a big mug of coffee.. and maybe watch some bold and the beautiful ;D

So, have a great day

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