maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2012

ode to my phone

Great, i started today with good jogging, so proud of me :) maybe my attitude was nor the best yet, I dragged myself out there.
Shame, that i let go earlier from that habbit, what i had when i was younger. Then i ran 10km almost every morning. Now i felt like old cow, and i really dont know, how old cow feel´s....
Well, gonna drag myself day after day out there, and gonna take that attitude back! Little stimulus is my old jeans, that wont fit me, and they are so cool, i want to wear those in summertime in AZ with my boots ;)

One thing caught my attention today. Phone. How dependent we are in our phones. Including me. In the grocery store one woman was almost having panic, couse she has left her phone at home. I know that feeling! What if someone call me in that time, and you dont answer? So much pressure. And that line in store dont move fast enough, that you can run to your phone. 10 min without it is pain.

Even now, i listen Iron Maiden from my phone, write in my laptop and every now and then (all the time) check if i had new txt message. And i have this sound, which will tell me, if somethings come. But still. If i miss something important?? I have my both e-mails here at the phone, facebook, twitter, million different apps... And sport tracer, of course. In my phonememory is my important notes, addresses, numbers. Calendar is full of dates, which i havent wrote anywhere else. NOT wise, i know.

Sometimes i take my own time, and put my phone without voice, still feeleing bad. If somebody calls?? I have to be reachable at least 24/7??? Right?? Wrong. I mean, why? Why i dont just take my own time?
I grew up in that time, which did not have mobilephones. Just lonely phone boots, operating with coins. When i left home, i went to see my friends, and not stressed about phone. Now, when i think about that, it was freedom.

Of course development has brought so much good in our lifes and it is up to us, how to use it.

So, how i can leave my phone at home without feeling guilty? That´s something, i need to figure out to myself.

My precious N8. Lime green. With million apps. Which i dont have time to test.

And of course my lime green notebook by Acer is always with me... :D here i have to laugh at myself!!!! Matches with my phone.....
Work laptop is black. Woh, what im gonna do, if power goes off, or something gonna broke??

Well, i dont dye, life goes on.. I hope ;) Ok, i´m ironic to myself now....
Me without phone...

I know, i´m old fashion about some things, like meeting more friends in live that facebook. It´s just so easy to sit in computer and type, both make their own coffee, so no pressure in there. And you can look like..well, anything you want, couse you dont need to worry about that, someone will see you. Good ot bad... depends, how much you use that channel. And through phone, naturally ;)

More i write, more i laugh to myself...Picture of me with all that technology and travelling! Not short, but those long, 3 exchange flights to AZ. And security checks.. OMG, really. I need one basket to my babys ;D in and out from my bag, running to next flight ( has happend "few" times)... ok, now i stop here, cant write anymore... woh!

Have a nice day all,

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