keskiviikko 1. helmikuuta 2012

New toy ;)

Well, i have my new computer now, and i love it! This is so much fun to write... and it´s so much bigger! Well, ain´t always the size, but here it is...

I´m bit disappointed, couse i had to change the trip schedule to HEL-LON-DAL-TUC. But i had a great chance to show my skills in writing here, so i took it. Ticets are with me, so still going home, but later. And H! I AM goming ;).

I decided that i´m not gonna complain about getting stuck here for bit longer. I´m gonna make most of it! I´m gonna write, do some zumba, enjoy our nature and so on. I realize, that it really wont help to complain, just the opposite! That kind of thinking just gonna make me feel like a crap.
not gonna complain.. waited 20min to get some service..took it like a woman :D

So, today is pretty cold out, -24c, (75,2F), not gonna complain!

I have more passion to live my life than long time, and it´s couse i realize, that i´m worth it. I love that timefllow is offering me some new waves, and keeping those old´s at the same time..It´s so much about your attitde, how you take things. I´m sorry to say, that few days ago i didnt ´have very good attitude. And i belive that it was seen all around me. I was angry, pissed off, not so positive... and people around me was´nt feeling well. But most of oll, i was´nt.

Today i have been so busy, and i´m glad about that. Tomorrow gonna be busy also, and some nice coffeetime in nice place.

Woh, i have to go now, time is going so fast now, and so much to..And i´m so hungry!!!

Have a nice day/evening all,


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  1. Love your energy...keep up the positive attitude. It works. Check out my blog, Kick Back Moments at We have a similar theme.

  2. Thank you Peggy, so much :) posive attitude keeps me going and helps me to do my work. I will check you´re blog, glad you visited here! :)



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