lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

New day, same...well, things

New day, same...well, things.
Today it´s saturday. Somebody could say, that partyday! Jei, weekend. For me it´s no different that yesterday. Or tomorrow. First of all, i´m sitting here alone, again. Waiting for something to happend.

Well, here middle of nowhere there´s nothing! Some might say, that it´s relaxing to be near nature, enjoy the silence. I´m not. Couse i´m hearing that TOO much, silence i mean. And it did´nt help, that i looked my photos from Florida.. and Arizona.. woh, i miss there!!!

I understand now, what they mean, saying about people living by themselfs, alone,hidden from the outside world. I mean, C´MOON!!!! There´s no neighbores, no people around. And that company, what i suppouse to have is in his mother´s place.. as always.

I think, that this is sometimes nice, if you are stressed out, but all of my life??? No way.. i feel bit grazy already.. I drove to grocery just to see some people!!

Yeah... i think so too...
I feel like i´m in some reality show, how to survive in the wilderness. It´s beautiful, i admit that, but too much is too much. I need people around me, action, some fun, smiling faces, laughing people.... And Tombstone! How i miss that place! OMG! this is me crying out loud!! AAARGH!!!

Anybody? Somebody? Nobody?

Ok, better.. thank you for listened...Sometimes it good just let it all out, i guess...

This is like poison to me, being so much alone and isolated. But i just have to deal it now, and try to remember, that it´s only temporary... And i think that now it´s so good time to meditate little, and dig that positive me back ;) And i will! And some chocolate... and more coffee...woh...and some running... and little screaming.. and lot´s of rock´n roll, loud!

What a day & feeling..

Hope your day is better,

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