lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2012

macig of winter

Hi again!

I try to tell my day with photos.. ;)

So beautyful winterday

and pretty cold...

It´s really awesome day outside. Sun is shining, bit cold, and that´s ok! I enjoy to be in that fresh, white scenery, everything looks so pure. Like there´s no dirt anywhere! Makes my mind so calm...You can hear that snow crunches under your shoes, you can feel that winter in your cheeks. It´s like a little pinch. And sun is making everything so bright!

These two dont really care about that, how much is cold. They just enjoy to be out and play..

We are just enjoying!

Such  a important job... :D
We dont mind :)

Today i had a mission: Chance to my car a new thermostat. Ok... Easy.. Or not!!! Where is??? 

There is that thermostat somewhere...
oh jeah, of course, there! (That´s me being ironic ;D)

After that thermostat and yes: it is changed! I was feeling so cold... woh! I needed hot coffee and sitting near that lovely fireplace...

Savior <3
-75,2 F

 Hmm....The contrasts???

I just have to say, that best part is always that, when you are feeling so cold, and you come in, drink something hot and sit near fire... That feeling is something special! I cant explain it, but after you feel so good and relax... That´s the macig of winer, i guess....

So, have a nice weekend all,


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