keskiviikko 22. helmikuuta 2012

let´s not judge

I really can´t stand deprecation, making someone feel less important about what she/he does for living. Or is as a human.
I mean, if i write, it´s important to me. I feel good about it. And i´m proud, what i do. I know, i do it well. But i also know, that it´s not very typical profession.

I dont work from 8am-4pm, come home and e.g start to cook. It´s not that kind of work, that i just go and do, then leave it behind. And it´s not so visible, i dont build things or something.

It´s more like i sit with my laptop, tapping words and looking like im in my own world. And yes, i am. That´s what i do! Real work happends in my mind, and usually it´s hard. Not same like lifting some hard stuff, but mentally. I go so deep waters, faceing hard things.

That´s my gift. I can´t do anything else, belive me, i have tryed. It has been long road to get here, and be me.

But. Then someone comes and says: guit that hobby and do something real. Looking you, like you are minor human Being. Little smile, little shake of his head, and patronizing attitude.

THAT i can´t stand. If you dont understand something, it does not give any permission to put someone down.
Have you ever snuggle in your couch, wondering why cant you do anything, everything feels so pointless?
At first you are so excited about what you do, then some small comment and you lose your interest.

That´s not fair. I mean, everybody has skills, to do their own things, and i cant go and say " That´s not important, that´s stubid. Do something else"
Or of course i can, but then i´m just being stubid.
I want to respect all skills, even it´s not my thing. But to that other it is important.

Like this blog to me, it´s important. I love to write this, and when i see, that someone has read this, i get so happy.

That gives me more fire to go on. Someone tryed to put down my fire, but i just reverse it: gonna write more ;)

I just wish, that people can be more open, less self-centered about themselfs. We each have our own place in this world, something to do. So let´s do our own thing´s and be proud of  it!

Belive it or not, it´s snowing again.....

And yes, i went for a long walk, it felt so good. Actually i started my day with that.. :)

Woh, that weather is so bad now, i hope that there´s not bad car crashes today..

Have a good day all,

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  1. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

    1. "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it."
      --Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life, 'Fate,' 1860

      Hi Maarit, great to meet you! I thought you might appreciate this one. Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Hi Rob, and great to meet you too!
    And i do appreciate that, thank you so much! That´s a great text, I think i have to read more Emerson!:)

    All the best for you,

  3. Dear Maarit, I'm glad you liked the quote. Emerson is one of my favorite thinkers. Some years ago I created this website to pay a tribute to him -- it provides, in both Italian and English, a hypertext guide to Emerson's life, works and philosophy, and a selection of some of his principal Works. I'd love you to drop by and let me know what you think ...

  4. Dear Rob, i´m gonna put the same text here first, what i write in your guestbook:

    Wow, you were right. I do like Emerson. I have heard that name, but not read about his thougs. And, there´s no words to describe how i felt, while i read these pages. So many boxes opened up in my mind :)
    Thank you!

    And i do mean that. I like that feeling, when you read or think something, and it makes you realize something new.. that´s what he make me feel :) I know, i´m gonna visit your page more offen!

    Cheer to you


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