keskiviikko 29. helmikuuta 2012

Good to be woman??

Or is it, always..
I put here one drawing i made to demonstrate:

And that´s how i feel!! Dont laugh! Once in the month....shedevil.

In the morning i tryed different clothes on, but they just did´nt fit! Yesterday those were just fine...Woh! And my face? There´s not enough make up to fix this! And my hair! I dont even go there...

I cant go out, i look like a whale!! And my nerves..what nerves? I mean, i can think like this: why Donald Duck is so poor and unlucky... I hate that Gladstone Gander..i feel like Donald..

Ok, i have to go to my car and start it. One look at the mirrow debresses me. My eyes are so puffy! I´m old.. Surgery? Extrime diet?? No.

I start to drive, and put my favorite music on. Or it was, yesterday. Today it sounds so stubid. Well, maybe from radio comes something? Just some people talking some booring things.

Ok, let´s try to stay positive! Spring is finally here!.....and i dont fit in my clothing...
Sun! And Fun!.... it shows my wrinkles...
Tomorrow i go to Sokos and buy some special elixir.

Going to grocery. One man smiled to me. Nice! i look SO bad...
Where´s  that green tea and celery...and chocolate.

That´s it! I´m gonna keep day off from people and myself. And my double chin is swings int he wind. I go home!!!!

 And that was my morning, honest hormon talking..
So glamorous :D

Here´s a proof, that spring is here :)

Have a great day all,

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