torstai 2. helmikuuta 2012

different is good

Hi there!

Now i´m sitting in this small gas station and writing. I do enjoy to hang around in different places, when i write. There´s always good opportunity to meet and see different kind of people. And so many storys to hear! Here comes lot of truckdrivers to have some coffee, and their storys! Wow! Some are just so funny! Some of those reminds me of my childhood, that´s why i think, i enjoy to be here.

I was driving earlier around, had so much things to do, and one thing is for sure: i love American cars, but´s pretty expensive here in Finland.. woh... i guess some things just are worth to pay. I have "small" projekt ahead, when i go home; to chance my car´s thermostat.. i really dont know, can i do it right. I mean, i have a small clue, but this is new car for me, so.. we´ll see!

In life is so cool, when you notice new things around you and could use those things/ideas in you´re life, in you´re work. That riches my  life! In my trip today, i connectid with this very intereting person. We talked about cars, hobbys (ok, he was us car-owner, and likes shooting, as do i..)
 I´t was so nice, couse i dont keep, or have boundaries between different lifestyles or people. I may like fashion and makeup, but also driving fast cars and get my hands dirty.

There´s too much compartmentalization in this world! If you like something or wear something, you just have to belong that group. I dont belive in that. Not at all. One lifestyle is no better other.. for exsample: I love to travel, meeting new people, to see different cultures. And someone is happy to go to cornerstore, and that´s it. Who am I to judge that? Then again, i just hope that it works other way around also.

I just have to say one thing about these old people out there: respect! I was buying some food, and i heard these two older ladys talking: Its not so cold out there, i walked 3km and only that wind was a bit cold. Should be warmer on my way home. Other lady: Yes, in year 1979 was cold, now it is ok..
I mean, these were like 80years old, and still like steel! Much younger complain for less! WoW! :)  (Its -26c/- 78,8F)

Have a great day all,


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