lauantai 14. tammikuuta 2012

without power

Ok, i really try to be patient and understanding... i really do. I was without power 12 days, like so many others. The reason was big storm, and trees fell to the power lines. 12 days is a long time without lights, warm water, heating, an opportunity to make food, coffee... the list goes on and on. Then i got the power back! Yes! I was so  happy! Did´nt have too keep all the food outside, was a chance to stay warm! To do so many things that we all are taken for granted.

After few days back came snow, a lot. And surprice, power went off.... ok, candels and hoping the best, again.. And jeah, after one day power came! Nice!!!!

Yesterday.. well.. power went off.. again! Still partly off.. so, I really try to stay patient.. I called to Fortum, they did´nt know, when they can come to fix the problem.. Being patient is a hard job.

Now i sit with my computer in a room, which is real cold. Wearing planket. Hoping. Again!
Without being ironic, next photos tell it all:

Real soon---->

So, today´s gonna go just to try to stay warm, TG i have still lot´s of coffee and chance to make it! ;))) Elixir of life.. And some good news: I think i can fly back to Arizona real soon!!! That´s gonna also keep me little warmer.. and patient ;)

Hope you all have a good day, and see you later!!

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