keskiviikko 11. tammikuuta 2012

wake up call by truck...

It´s amazing, how one single incident can make you think you´re life all over, make´s you wake up and order of importance comes real.

..close enough..
I was driving 4 days ago in small road, it was very slippery then. I saw two trucks coming another side of the road with high speed. First truck passed me ok, but that next one... trucks trailer did´nt stay in his own place, instead it started to slide in my side of the road. I just watched the trailer coming closer and closer, and i couldnt do nothing! Trailer hit my mirrow, almost took it away, but i remember those back lights of that trail for a rest of my life!!! It was so close, few inch closer, and i would not be here.... i realize how thin lifeline can be. Woh!!!

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