torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

this and that

I have been thinking a lot today.. it´s snowing so much right now, and i´m watching out the window. I´m still waiting one thing to work out, reason why i´m still in Finland. My lawyer is working hard for it, and it is also bit difficult mentally for me, so I rather wait untill it´s done. (More in my book;))

But I´m not good at waiting. Too eager, I think. Little nervous, in a good way of cource, about all the changes  to come. New country, new peoples, new ways to do things.. One thing, what was so different to me at first, was so simple. Going to grocery store! When i went at the grocery store first time in Florida, i really was like wow! It´s  big! Huge! And there was so much stuff! I wanted a bread, and there was 100 different breads. After we had collectid all we needed, it was time to go to cashier. So far so good, but where´s the plastic bags??? I looked and search everywhere. What the...and why is that woman waiting there?? OH, she´s bacing our stuff... i knew that!! Atleast i tryed to look like that..

When i came in Finland, i was wondering, where´s that worker, who usually is backing my things..

Me doing it with style...

I learned a long time ago, from m model agecy, that everything you do, do it with style! Like you really were supposed to wear you´re skirt the wrong way round. "yes, i know that, but i was supposed to be like this. It´s the new way, did´nt you knew?"

And the same worked, when i did makeup´s. Yes, i´m make-up artist also, i was 16years old when i went to make-up artist school, and i loved it! If it was´nt so good, the make up i mean, and i did´nt have time to fix it: "Yes, it´s a new fashion".....

So, there´s some todays thoughts, now... some snow work, jeah ;)

Have a good day


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