tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2012

some fashion

Ok, today it´s fashiontime for me for two reasons: i can start to plan, what i´m gonna take with me to AZ, and also some fashionthings i have done, are paying off...So, afterall I went yesteday to get that jacket, and found this cool necklace. It´s from Leather Heaven and i think that it´s great! :)

 This has nothing to do with fashion and everything to how i feel ;))))

 As me being makeupartist, the most common question is what is good for me??
One thing about makeup... be grazy sometimes, try something new!!

And be yourself ;)))

Fashion is great thing, couse everyone has their own style. And almost everything is fashion, it´s all about how you use it.

I create my style depending in what mood i am. Usually it´s kind of rock, but also softer. I can play with colours, jewelrys and hairstyles. Fashion is what looks good on you, is you and you feel good about it! It´s not serios, have fun with it!

I looked up my older port-folio, and my stylist was greated new look for me. It was not what i was use to wear, but even it was different, was kind of cool anyway. Business-look..

 And in fashion, most of all: EVERYONE ARE BEUTYFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY!!!  

...It seems to be, that I have some small lock in writing my book,so I write here..

That´s it!!!
Have a great day all,

Maarit :)

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