tiistai 10. tammikuuta 2012

snowing in Finland, sunny in SV, AZ

Ok,let´s try this in English. I apologize for  future sentence formation errors. I speak much better than write in English... 

Like i wrote yesterday, i really miss Sierra Vista, Arizona. Last night was great time to think, couse it was fullmoon, and i dont sleep then. This is such a great, and also hard time for me, i have a chance to do something different with my life. Hard part is that I have to leave so much behind to go forward.But it´s gonna be worth it! 

In Finland it´s snowing and real winter. That´s so nice. In Finland i do love winters and snow. So much fun to jump in the snow and be a kid all over again! :) 
Just love this view...                                              ...and this...                 


And i really do belive, that i need new computer.. This is small net book, my eyes dont like this! In summer thunder took away my dear, good and effective working machine. Insurance company gave me this to replace my HP, RIP <3

Oh well, this problem is easy to fix, let´s go shopping! Not bad idea... 

Anyway, my blog is going to be full of adventures, travelling around, maybe some heartbreak, joy, sadness.. life!!
Hope you enjoy to read it, and please, be patient.. just learning to do this ;)


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