perjantai 13. tammikuuta 2012

reason for my blog

New day, some old thougs and much new.. I have been writing guite a shallow here, i thinks it´s time to talk about that, why i started to write this blog.

Everybody has some reason to do this, and mine is to tell little bit of my book, what i´m writing, and also talk about panic disorder. That is the main subject of my book. How to survive from it. And everything, that it brings with, depression, messing you´re life, doing some stubid choices.

I was a real partyanimal between 1986-1991. VIP everywhere, party with celebritys, money, status. But i was handeling my life. Having fun, dancing almost every night. That was my passion, and still is, dancing.  And fashion! Woh, still loving it.

me about 1990

me about 1993

That part of my life stopped 1991, when my mother passed away. Cancer was the reason. I started to suffer from panic disorder. After 1991 i started to live a real grazy way. I did things, that i´m not proud of, but now i´m stonger becouse of thouse happening. 

I lost my father 2 years ago, and i promised to him to do this, write a book. Also i really wanna help others, give some hope. I know, that i already have done that with few people. and it felt good!!!

This band has been my comforter, my strength during some really bad times <3

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