perjantai 27. tammikuuta 2012

power of money, not good

First, good morning and coffeetime:)

I can´t understand why even some people, that i have keps so wise, go absolutely grazy when it comes to money! I mean, i do  appreciate to have some. I do know little, what it is to not have it. -94 i ate oatmel every day, and if i was lucky, i got some sugar in it. And for a while i was homeless also.  Out there are so many without food or home right now. Woh, now this goes off the rails....Back to this issue, what i started.

Money. People fitgh for it. Worst is inheritance between relatives, or just someone, who is involved. Idea of getting something from somewhere is putting so much grazyness to some people. Even it´s not really his/her. And it´s justified, couse after all, "I" have more needs. It really dosent matter who worked for that money, "I" just want it. It dosent matter, if it´s someone, who wanted to leave something to her only child. And it dosent matter, if she has´nt made that debt, what "I" have..It´s  "I" who matters the most.  All the rest is irrelevant. Recrimination is always a good way? NOT! It´s just makes people say things that they dont mean, or maybe mean, in some cases. But fight over money... not good. Envy and bitterness are not good friends. Actually those can make you lose something really special, what was in you´re life.

I lost something, that no money can´t buy. Actually i have lost so much in recent years. But complaining is not helping, life is life. I let the past go, memories are always with me. And those are free ;)

I know, this was´nt so logical writing from me, more personal..hope you still got the poin.

Have a nice day


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