maanantai 30. tammikuuta 2012

people wants to live your life

This is so sad, but also so true. Little, small things, at first. How you should do this or that, but you´re way isn´t  right so dont bother even to try. Just be happy like this, and dont EVER questionable that.  No matter how you really want to do or handle things... And also it is a waist of time to ask, how are you feeling about that, is it ok for you? No, just take the orders and everyone is happy, except you..

As many there are people, there is as many  different opinions about you´re life. And everybody want´s to be right. Maybe beliving that their way is really that only way. You HAVE to do that like this, couse i think so. You HAVE to go there, or come here when i say so.. Couse afterall, i know better. These opinions just tear me apart!!!!!!

I want to do things in MY life, like i want to. Even if somebody thinks, that that´s not the right way. Just wanna escape, turn off my phone, disappear... And when you try to say, i´m handeling this, stop talking about that, it continues.. just, drives me grazy!

Some time people can be so tired, that all she/he needs is some support, just.. someone who listens without condemning. Or trying to help without ordering what to do.

We have this one life, and sometimes we need to wake up, and start to look what you are doing.
Are you happy? Doing what you want to do? If we are, then it´s good.. if not, have to make  some changes.

But how do I know, am I living the life I really want? It can be so scary to admit that you are not happy. Couse after that comes that scary thought, that you need to do something. You know, that its not gonna be easy. You have to make difficult decisions. Outsiders say that it not hard, just do it! But sometimes there just is so much more in you´re heart.. Ain´t easy. And from that thought to action? It could take all of you´re power, just suck you both mentally and  physically. And not to forget that small voice, which asks: are you sure, what you are doing? Are you ready for these chances, and is itreally right thing to do?? What if i´m wrong???

Well, one thing is for sure. For everey ends has always new beginnings..

All the best for you,


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