keskiviikko 25. tammikuuta 2012

good morning/day

Yep, good morning to all. It´s time to some coffee, email, facebook, twitter... There was something else also, can´t remember right now.. woh, pretty much to do on computer!? How did i end up like this? ;) Becouse 10years ago i swore, that i dont become one of those, who just sit with their computer and look like nerd.. well, here i am, doing just that. But the difference between 10years ago and now is, that almost everything is on internet and different kind of computer programs. It´s that thing we call development. Good or bad? Both, i think..
Nerd ;D

Outside seems to be beautiful day, sunny. I think i need to go out to have some air. Maybe just a little bit more coffee first..

In radio, they are talking about creativity and inner child an adoult age. Is it suitable to have that grazy, fun feeling when you are older?? Well, of cource!!! Situational awareness is good, and of course looking, where you are, but mostly! Yes!

There was also some discussion about that, how someone can kill your creativity, just being arrogant about your work, saying, that it´s not real job, it´s just full of sh..t! Well, that will do just that..

That´s enough for now, see you later :)


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