tiistai 17. tammikuuta 2012

getting naked

Well, not literally.. ;) I though that is good title anyway.. Just maybe more naked with my thoughs..
Outside is raining snow, and i have a good time to write, so this is a good place to start.

I have noticed.... no, i have always knew, that i just love ti flirt! I dont mean  so that it would lead to one night things, but that fun part of it. That, when eyes meet and you smile, just a little. And then walk away.. ok, when i was single, i had my share of fun, but when i´m not, smile is all i give ;) When i was young, free and an the loose(that was almost all the time) I was wildone.. woh, way too wild to handle. I´m not so old even now, and inside of me is, and i belive, that always gonna be, this fire. Fire, that keeps me alive mentally. But now i dont get burn with it... life is a great teacher!


..and my passion!

I love every machine, that goes fast. Motorcycles, cars, scooters...
Faster is better! I think that  got that from my parents.
My father was trucer, and i really enjoyd to go with my father all around Finland with that truck. He was a good driver, very known with other trucers. And me??  I was like one of them.. well, i dint have driver´s license, and i was only 15years, but i knew what they talked about, undestand the language of trucers.

And my mom? She was so short, and drove a big american muscle, that we had! From outside i couldn hardly saw her :DD

Ok, time to take a break, and after that start to write that book of mine..

Have a nice day you all!


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