lauantai 14. tammikuuta 2012

getting in the mood

Now i´m so so happy, booking AA soon!! Jeah, travelling to NY, CHI, LA & TUC!!!! <3 
Just love that feeling, when i can chooce my flight clothing, pack my things, triplecheck everything and go to airport. After security check enter in that own atmosphere, where people come and go... some are busy, some are relaxing in lounges or foodplaces, tax frees... and you go to you´re gate knowing that soon you are in different space the next following9 hours, then chace plain, 5h, and one more time2-3hours.... between those flighs you see different airports, people, everything! That´s so cool, nice and fun. Of course i´m gonna be so tired, when I arrive in Tuckson, finally, but there is a car waiting for me and taking me to Sierra Vista.. <3

I just have to share this with you ;) just have to.. huh, eased already! :D

I promise, i will talk about panic disorder tomorrow, this has been more like get to know this blog and how it´s work.. after all, it´s my first one....

Atlanta int. lounge ;))

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